Look At This!

“Look at this!” “Is it ancient or newly carved?” “There’s a small spelling mistake.” The letters were carved into the rocks. The inscription was ‘Tir Mo Chridee’. The correct spelling is ‘Tìr Mo Chridhe’. Translated into English it means ‘Land of my Heart’. We were on the ‘Maze enjoying a walk with friends. The inscription […]

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A Fitting Finale

It was our guests last full day on Tiree. It was proving to be one of their calmest, warmest days. As the day progressed the early morning clouds dispersed. In their place was a clear blue sky heralding a great evening ahead. On Sundays it is a joy to meet with the church family to […]

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It has been a day of mostly bright sunny weather. In the morning we had a trip to the airport. This was followed by a trip to the pier. (Goodbyes are most important.) It turned into a pleasant Saturday evening. We set out for the crofting community of Sandaig. We were looking forward to a […]

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Strolling at Sandaig

Sunday mornings are generally spent with the church family at An Talla. After lunch with friends at Heylipol we made our way to Sandaig. There we parked up and headed for the beach. In galleries mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger photographs Approaching the beach we came upon Tiree’s latest ‘Mother and Baby Unit’ The […]

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Secluded Sandaig

An exciting responsibility took us across Tiree to Sandaig. Sandaig lies at almost the opposite end of the island. It is one of Tiree’s 30 plus crofting townships. We have been to the township many times. It is the home base of  the renown Tiree Fitness. From here Tiree’s Ultra-Marathon is planned and organised. Our host’s […]

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Out West

This evening the opportunity was there to head out west. The idea was to capture the setting sun. Sandaig here we come. The sun was casting a glow all around. Ben Hynish, Kenavara, The Maze, Skerryvore and More Double click in galleries for larger pictures Then what we came for – the sunset A Sandaig Special.

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Bliadhna Mhath Ùr!

(The Feature Image is a Photo Collage of 2015 from Life on Tiree) Happy New Year On Hogmanay many of Edinburgh’s landmarks – the castle, Camera Obscura, Jenners and the statue of Queen Victoria on the Royal Scottish Academy – will all be lit up in blue. The climax of the world famous fireworks extravaganza will […]

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Calm After The Storm

It is hard to believe that just 24 hours ago Tiree was being assaulted by winds gusting up to 75mph.  For hour after hour (6-8 hours) the wind kept hammering the island with gusts over 60mph. The gable end flashing, holding the roof tiles of our home, suffered minor damage, but thankfully a temporary repair has been […]

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The Big Blow

Tiree has something to blow about. One of the less well known features of the island’s landscape, or seascape, is the blowhole at Sandaig. To the best of my knowledge it is not listed on any of the Tourist Maps or Guide Books, but it ought to be! Previously featured in ‘Life On Tiree’ the […]

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On Safari on Tiree

With family visiting for a few days, it is an ideal opportunity to show off the island. Although today, Monday, has been breezy with gusts into the low 50s, the sun has made an appearance. There were occasions when you could see the edge of the weather front. Consequently while we were enjoying blue skies, […]

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