It’s No Snow

It all began with the sound. This was not the stillness of falling snow. It was the incessant rat-tat-tat of hail pounding on the windows. The showers were short and sharp. They were intense while they lasted. And the effect on the ground was dramatic. Looking out the window you could be forgiven for thinking […]

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Tiree Weather Watch

It still amazes us how conscious we are of the weather here on Tiree. But then so much of life on Tiree is weather dependant. This is especially so for our crofters and fishermen. Weather watching is not an obsession. At least we don’t think so. Honest! The weather has a major impact on travel […]

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Thankfully Spared

Well! Did it snow on Tiree? Unlike may parts of the country Tiree was not covered by a blanket of snow. We have had just a sprinkling of snow. We have had several intense hail laden squalls. They tried their hardest to impersonate snow but failed. Nevertheless, it was exciting to wake up to a […]

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Tiree Transformed

It may be the end of April but it it’s snow joke. It’s for real! (Mouse-over for captions, double-click for larger pictures in galleries) Drawing back the curtains is shocking. Tiree is transformed. It is a whiteout! Tiree has been transformed into snowy wonderland. You cannot say winter wonderland. It’s April – it’s springtime. It’s snowing […]

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Snowfall and Spindrift

It may only be a sprinkling to you, but here on Tiree we woke up to a snowfall. In fact, it is the second time in as many weeks. As they announce in the weather forecast, ‘even down to sea level’. The amount of snow varied across the island. For most it was a mixture […]

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A Visual Reminder

With darkness falling, hail rattling on the windows and thunder clapping, it is good to be reminded what a beautiful morning it was on the Isle of Tiree – a breath taking sunrise, blue skies and, clear views of Tiree’s snow capped ‘Bens’. Although Tiree is relatively flat, our highest point being just over 460 feet […]

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It’S NO Joke

The forecast is for ‘wintry showers’ and wintry showers have fallen on Tiree. There are no deep drifts although underfoot the roads are slippery and slushy. For some who were out early the roads were frosty and slippery in places. However sunrise was soon dispelled by threatening leaden skies. The rain that fell before lunch […]

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