Spindrift Special

There is something special about spindrift. Today we didn’t have to travel far to see it. It was right on our doorstep. We’ll not quite literally! Since the equinox the wind has been a feature of the weather. On several occasion the ferry has been on an alert. On Sunday the crossing had to be […]

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One Unknown

It may not be a named to storm to the Met Office but it has certainly felt like a storm here on Tiree. The winds have consistently gusted over 60 mph throughout most of the day. At 5:00am the wind gusted to 77mph a fact noted by the BBC weather report at lunchtime. The Tiree […]

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Drama in Black and White

Walking is important! At least for my health and well being. It didn’t matter that the wind was gusting to 55mph. Battling against the wind just added to the sense of exhilaration. I had no intention of taking any photographs so left the trusty camera at home. My determination not to photograph melted at Scarinish when […]

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Snowfall and Spindrift

It may only be a sprinkling to you, but here on Tiree we woke up to a snowfall. In fact, it is the second time in as many weeks. As they announce in the weather forecast, ‘even down to sea level’. The amount of snow varied across the island. For most it was a mixture […]

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Storm Eva Approaches

Storm EVA is approaching the West Coast of Scotland and here on Tiree we are experiencing a prolonged spell of high winds, but Eva is expected to raise the stakes. In a recent press release CalMac’s director of operations Drew Collier stated that Storm Eva brings significant weather challenges for us over the next few days and makes operating […]

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Tha i gaothach!

It’s windy! It’s windy here on Tiree! It is the first real storm of the season. And for the first time the storm has been named by the Met Office. ABIGAIL At One O’ Clock the winds were gusting to 60mph. Thankfully CalMac had anticipated the strength of the wind. The ferry had been rescheduled and sailed […]

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Tiree: Red Alert

There are patches of blue sky, dark threatening clouds, hail showers and the wind has a raw feeling to it today. Over the weekend the temperature dropped dramatically and the wind is from the north west. The Met Office have issued a ‘Severe Weather Warning’ for Wednesday with a forecast of winds gusting up to […]

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Tiree: A Day of Contrasts

With a name like the remains of Hurricane Gonzalo it sounds dramatic but, although winds have gusted up to 60mph, the storm is not out of the ordinary especially for October. The ferry and the plane are cancelled, however that was anticipated – consequently only local mail and no newspapers. It has been a day of stark […]

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