A Spring Arrival

For the second time this week it has actually felt as if Spring has become a reality. On Tuesday ‘Life on Tiree” recorded,  ‘There has been no wind to speak of, the sun has shone all day and for Tiree it has felt warm.’ The following two days witnessed a return to grey skies, strong […]

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Summer! Really?

Baroque legend Vivaldi’s most famous work for violin is ‘The Four Seasons’. We usually associate Vivaldi with Venice and the Italian sun. Is there a hint here that Summer is on its way? Spring is the transition season between Winter and Summer. In Spring daylight hours noticeably get much longer Temperatures normally start to get […]

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The Familiar

There is something reassuring about the familiar. It can be familiar faces, places or routines. The familiar does not have to be boring. It can even be exciting. Our trip south takes us away from familiar. In moving to Tiree we left behind the familiar. Four years on and the island is the new familiar. […]

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A Sharp Reminder

Spring flowers might be out across the island but the weather today has been a sharp reminder that we are still in Winter and that we are not yet in Spring. The day started out rather dreich. It was damp cold with heavy rain showers. In the afternoon there were clear blue spells. However, the […]

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Land, Sea and Sky

Weather permitting. Planned for the beach The Easter Sunrise Service Ended up in doors at the Manse. Winds had gusted up to 68mph overnight But by sunrise they were down to a mere whisper However, heavy rain showers played havoc with the event. Heavy, black clouds blotted out the sunrise. Still we had met together […]

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The Spring Weather Yo-Yo

The Weather Yo-Yo that is spring has brought bright sunshine to the island today, even if the south easterly breeze still has a chill in it. With crocuses beginning to open their heads to the sun, it really does begin to feel as if spring has sprung. Of course this begs the question, “Which ‘spring? […]

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Spring is on the Way

Weather is probably even more of a topic of conversation on Tiree than it is on the Mainland. Sitting out in the Atlantic we can often see the next weather system approaching. This past week has been a bit of a mixed bad – moderately gusting winds, rain, hail and sunshine. With the frequent mix […]

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