Moon Landing

As the Algerian barber said in Peckham London, “East – West – Home’s best.” It sure felt like that as we touched down at Tiree Airport to be warmly greeted by caring friends. The day began for us at 5:00am. Our first train of the day was at 6:04am from Peckham Rye Station. Our second train […]

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Calm After The Storm

It is hard to believe that just 24 hours ago Tiree was being assaulted by winds gusting up to 75mph.  For hour after hour (6-8 hours) the wind kept hammering the island with gusts over 60mph. The gable end flashing, holding the roof tiles of our home, suffered minor damage, but thankfully a temporary repair has been […]

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An Evening for a Good Read

Right now the wind is steadily rising as the latest storm to reach these shores approaches. Gusting in excess of 45mph, it is forecast to reach speeds of over 70mph in a few hours time. Yet this morning the sun was streaming through the clouds, lighting up the sea, the shore and the south east […]

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Quite Frankly . . .

Which weather forecast do you believe? Or, to put it another way, which forecast is the most accurate? Living on an island on the edge of Europe, off the West Coast of Scotland, 4 hours out into the Atlantic Ocean, we are certainly conscious of the weather. It is often the sunniest place in the […]

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