One Unknown

It may not be a named to storm to the Met Office but it has certainly felt like a storm here on Tiree. The winds have consistently gusted over 60 mph throughout most of the day. At 5:00am the wind gusted to 77mph a fact noted by the BBC weather report at lunchtime. The Tiree […]

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Deeply Grateful

Leadership. Team work. Skill. Co-operation. Courage. Although there is an advertised sailing for Saturday morning from Oban to Coll and Tiree, today’s ferry may well have been the last to arrive before Christmas day. The weather forecast for Friday and over the weekend is for stormy weather, including the named storm, ‘Barbara’. As yet Saturday’s […]

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Red Alert

Yes! Believe it or not! They are on sale on Tiree. You can purchase a nifty brolly on the island. However, they ought to come with a warning label. ‘Mainland use only – Not for use on the Isle of Tiree’. The day began with a memorable sunrise. It continued with pleasant Autumn sunshine. However, as […]

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A Leap Backwards

Thirty days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have thirty-one, except February alone, Which has 28 days . . . and 29 each Leap Year. Our calendar does not exactly correspond to the earth’s orbit around the sun. In a ‘common’ year the calendar advances by one day each year. But in a leap year the […]

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Howling Henry

Howling Henry brought a halt to all transport to and from Tiree on Monday 1st of February. As a consequence of the continuing stormy conditions there will no ferry on Tuesday either. CalMac have advised that they will once again provide a special sailing on the Wednesday, departing Oban at 6:00am. Our hope is that […]

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“Have you still got a roof?” Thankfully we have! And we are filled with gratitude for the concerned enquiry. (Mouse-over for titles – Double click for larger pictures) Gertrude is still making her presence felt. The titles are rattling and hail is battering the windows. Although the worst of the storm has passed the gusts are still […]

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A Shepherd’s Warning

Sunrise today on Tiree was at 8:40 and with the sunrise came a ‘shepherd’s warning’ of stormy weather to come. There was but a fleeting glimpse of the sun before the clouds hid it completely from view. The sky is now dark grey, the rain is pouring and the wind is gusting to over 40mph. […]

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Tha i gaothach!

It’s windy! It’s windy here on Tiree! It is the first real storm of the season. And for the first time the storm has been named by the Met Office. ABIGAIL At One O’ Clock the winds were gusting to 60mph. Thankfully CalMac had anticipated the strength of the wind. The ferry had been rescheduled and sailed […]

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Stormy Skies

Today’s ferry was cancelled due to the prevailing weather conditions and tomorrow’s is operating to a revised timetable. There is no promise that the vessel will be able to berth at either Coll or Tiree. It very much depends on the swell. Yet, the very weather that plays havoc with our link to the Mainland […]

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