Summer! Really?

Baroque legend Vivaldi’s most famous work for violin is ‘The Four Seasons’. We usually associate Vivaldi with Venice and the Italian sun. Is there a hint here that Summer is on its way? Spring is the transition season between Winter and Summer. In Spring daylight hours noticeably get much longer Temperatures normally start to get […]

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Shades of Summer

The weather forecaster described the current weather in the West of Scotland as ‘Shades of Summer’ and this is certainly true on the Isle of Tiree. Blue has been the predominant colour of sky and sea. However, there have been so many different hues. Each hue a welcome shade of Summer. It is not just […]

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Summer in Winter

It started with Abigail (A Big Gale) and was quickly followed by a succession of other more powerful storms. Storms Frank, Gertrude and Henry left many on the Mainland without power and shut roads and railway lines. In fact the West Coast Railway Line remains closed in Scotland due to the storm damage wrought upon […]

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There is more to Tiree than Ferries, Spotty Houses and Machair. (Double click galleries for larger pictures) In a summer that feels more like October Turning a corner we were surprised by a splash of colour And a Flutter of Wings

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