Wow! Wow! Wow!

Today the temperature reached reached a staggering 24° Blue skies characterised the day from dawn to dusk. Sparkling blue waters wash our sandy shores. Tiree is today the warm west. (Mouse-over for titles and double click galleries for larger pictures.) No coat and scarf. No gloves. ‘Nae red bunnet’. It was a day for ‘Slip! Slap! Slop! […]

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“Beautiful!” That is just the weather. “Unbelievable!” Hardly a breath of wind. “Stunning!” Blue sky and clear blue water. Windows are thrown open to let the heat out! No coat! No hats! No scarfs or gloves! Wow! The work on the damaged undersea fire optic cable is progressing. The sea is almost flat calm – a real […]

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Sheep Talk

Just a wee reminder on a dull, wet and windy day, when everything is cold and damp that it’s not always like this. (Mouse-over for captions and double-click for larger pictures.) Warm sunny days are a comin’. Just think back to last week and how it was then. Remember the blue sky and clear views […]

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The Day of a Rare Visitor

On this summer’s day the sun has made a rare appearance. So occasional have these visits been of recent that people are asking what this strange phenomena in the sky could possibly be. Haar or sea mist has also been a feature this summer. There has been the occasional prolonged shower but grey skies have been […]

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Tiree: A Sunny Thursday Morning

These days, the sun rises increasingly late over Tiree and sets increasingly early. Unusually, for a Thursday, it is calm and bright – quite a contrast indeed! It is a delight to walk, even if the hours of daylight are restricted. A favourite walk takes in the old harbour at Scarinish, the lighthouse, the machair and […]

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This is Tiree

This is Tiree at its best. The sky is blue and this is reflected by sand and sea. We have been back on the island 11 days now and what an amazing spell of good weather we have enjoyed. Our fear was that when our visitors arrived the weather would break, but the opposite has […]

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Seals, Sunset and Sky

Remember! Remember! The fifth fourth of November.  After a warming cup of coffee in the car we set out for a memorable walk along Balephetrish Bay on the northern coast of the Island. The late autumn sunshine cast a warm glow over the vista before our eyes. Coming down on to the sand the first thing to […]

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