Rewind and Recall

The weekend just gone was characterised by dramatic cloud formations and striking sunsets. Our visitors were impressed by our big skies and Sunday’s sunset. Knowing there were some large yachts anchored in Gottt Bay we began our walk in the company of our visitors down by the pier and with the sun just beginning its descent […]

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Saturday Special

Sunrise was 4:50 and Sunset is 22:00 hours. Conscious that is nearing sunset we leave home. The setting sun is reflecting off our neighbours’ windows. However our eyes are drawn upwards where the sky is on fire. Crossing onto Pier Road the memorial is floodlit by the setting sun. This evening is truly a Saturday Special. There […]

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“Outlook” The word has various meanings. For some ‘Outlook’ is a piece of computer software. For others it relates to the weather forecast. “What’s the weather outlook for tomorrow?” Rather pertinent on Tiree! Today’s outlook all round Tiree was stunning. Above is the amazing outlook to the South. The Paps of Jura – some 50 miles away. […]

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It’s Official

For two consecutive days Thursday and Friday, the 14th and 15th April Tiree has been officially the sunniest place in the UK And today, Saturday, has had its fair share of sunshine. The wind coming from directly from the North has been bitingly cold. However, with the sun out it transforms the sky and the sea. […]

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As Darkness Descends

The descending darkness was a harbinger of a change in the weather. Thick dark clouds prevented any real colourful sunset. An hour earlier it was still the sunny isle. The ferry left in blue skies. The decision was made to visit Balephuil beach. In a vain attempt to capture the sunset. (The chauffeur’s favoured beach) From […]

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