“How Are You?”

Keeping in touch with family and friends on the Mainland makes us appreciate our life on Tiree. We value their concern as they ask, “How are you? Or say ‘Keep Safe.” A common misunderstanding is that our remoteness somehow means that the island’s residents will be untouched by the virus. However, we have been informed […]

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Inbound To Tiree

The visit to the Mainland was at short notice. There had been no strategic planning. On Monday it had been out by Ferry. On Thursday it was inbound by plane. The decision to return by plane was down to the weather forecast. The forecast was for the wind to rise significantly on Thursday. In such […]

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Friendly, Courteous and Helpful

For the past week we had been keeping an eagle eye on the weather. A family member had made plans to visit us over the weekend. He was travelling north by train then flying from Glasgow. Would he make it over? Mouse-over for captions and double click for larger photographs You cannot organise the weather. […]

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When the Mist comes in

I’ve just read these words, “It’s wet and windy.” They come from a blog that we subscribe to: The Bg Garden and Croft. The blog is by Jonathan and Denise who live and work from their home in South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. Yesterday morning was sunny but by late afternoon the mist was descending […]

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Sun Before Showers

The last thing the organisers of TMF want is a forecast of gale force winds. Any gales are further north and west, so TMF has been spared. Wednesday is the day of sun before the arrival of showers. (Mouse-over in galleries for captions, double-click for larger photographs.) It is heart warming to have bright blue sky. Scarinish old […]

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A Winter Summer’s Day

It is a beautiful Hebridean Winter’s day, crisp and bright. It is like summer in winter. It stands in sharp contrast to this time last year. It was a real joy to be out walking, a walk that took in the pier where the ‘Lord of the isles’ called. Yesterday evening ‘LOTI’ suffered a technical […]

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Two New Aircraft for Tiree

It has just been announced that the contract to supply two new planes for the air service linking Tiree and Glasgow has been awarded to the Canadian Company Viking Air Limited. The two Twin Otter DHC6-400 aircraft are expected to be delivered next May (2015) and should be operating on the route not long afterwards. […]

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