Roamin’ in the Gloamin’

This morning we welcomed some new guests off the ferry. After lunch we took them on an introductory tour of the island. With the sky blue the waters surrounding the island were transformed. The abundant shell sand makes the water azure blue and the beaches white. This evening we wanted try and catch the sunset. […]

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Intoxicating! Magnificent! Unbelievable! On the Isle of Tiree you run out of superlatives. It is so refreshing to have visitors to stay. It is interesting to see the island through their eyes. It is enlightening to hear their comments about Tiree. We had various responsibilities in the afternoon. So, in the morning we made the most […]

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Looking Back

Looking Back on the week, The day dawned with a hint of sunrise but as Friday progressed the wind steadily rose. From 2pm -9pm the gusts were in excess of 50mph Around 5:00pm the gusts reached a maximum of 56mph. And it is no surprise that we had the highest UK rainfall at 21.6 mm Yet […]

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Vaul’s Magnificent Vista

It is strange how you suddenly become aware of the subtle change. Without looking out of the window you know there is a difference. The setting sun is casting g a russet glow all around. The decision is made to head for the crofting township of Vaul. Our way takes us along the shore of […]

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Pick and Mix

The sun has shone on Tiree today. Not as warm as London, but warmer than it has been. With a chauffeur to drive here a few photographs from the East End. Double-click for larger picture, mouse-over for captions. Due to wind and wave conditions yesterday’s ferry was cancelled. Today, the ferry had no problems berthing […]

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Sunday Special

Sunday is special and we had a very special Sunday. The sunrise woke us as it streamed into our bedroom.  Although about 10:00 am some clouds came over the island, the sun never disappeared. What a weekend we have enjoyed. On Saturday, once again, Tiree was the sunniest place in the UK with more than […]

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Island on the Edge

Standing on a rocky outcrop at Vaul, watching the sun set over the Outer Hebrides and the great Atlantic Ocean, our son remarked that it is like living on the edge. The Hebrides are literally the islands on the edge, not just of Scotland, but also of the continent of Europe. A possible derivation of the word […]

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