‘Showing Off’

Generally speaking it is not a compliment to be described as a ‘Show Off’. However to show off the island to a visitor is a different matter. And yesterday Tiree was was to be seen at its very best. We were not the sunniest place in the UK. We were not even the sunniest place […]

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Wanting The Best

Our visitors arrive on Saturday morning’s ferry. You want them to see Tiree at its best. Blue skies and seas are on order. Today has provided sunshine and showers. At times the weather has been warm and bright. At other times dark clouds and heavy showers have swept over. The weather forecast is not promising. […]

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Comings And Goings

Since coming to live on Tiree we have been more aware of comings and goings. Perhaps it is partly due to only one ferry a day to the mainland, only one flight a day to Glasgow Airport and a twice weekly flight to Oban. In the winter months transport links are even more limited and […]

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Tuesday evening’s visit to the pier is a visit with a purpose. Our first visitors are arriving on the ferry and I want to be there to photograph the occasion.  As I stand on the pier I never feel out of place with my yellow waterproof jacket, my only wish is that it had “Calmac” […]

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