Unrestricted Travel Update

Yes! That’s correct. Unrestricted travel to, from and around Tiree by imagination. On our last trip we visited the West End of the island to’ Lag na Cleite’, or as it more commonly known ‘Happy Valley’. Today, let us take you on a walk around the East End of the island. North, South, East and West, none […]

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Playing Catch-Up

It is a beautiful but breezy Friday. This morning the MV Clansman cut a striking image. Due to the prevailing conditions she departed slightly early. On Friday mornings the ferry arrives at the Isle of Tiree at 9:35. How this past week has flown by. Today has the appearance of a catch-up day. It is […]

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Enjoy the brief walk down to the pier at sunset. Early evening there was a brief squally shower. But for most of the day it has been sunny. There is a breeze gusting to 30mph. It feels as if s storm could be brewing. Yet overhead there is blue sky and red clouds. We reach […]

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Walk Tiree

With our son leaving on the Tuesday evening ferry his choice was to join the Tiree Ranger led walk to Ben Hough’s summit from Balevullin returning via the Maze beach. When we first visited island in 2011 we enjoyed the Tiree Experience Tour however there was no time to go walking on the island but this […]

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Pier View

Pier View is a bit of a misnomer. This cluster of houses is less than 400 metres from the pier, but very few of them have a view of it. Strangely, at least one house in Heylipol, which is about 4.5 miles away can see when the ferry is at the pier. However, living at Pier View means you […]

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New Year Adventure

All right! It’s not New Year’s day, It is only the 4th of January and our exploration of the east end of Tiree was an adventure. Others may have trod there long before us, however for us it was unexplored territory. For a bank holiday the weather was amazing. Although there was a cold breeze from […]

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There is more to Tiree than Ferries, Spotty Houses and Machair. (Double click galleries for larger pictures) In a summer that feels more like October Turning a corner we were surprised by a splash of colour And a Flutter of Wings

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On Safari on Tiree

With family visiting for a few days, it is an ideal opportunity to show off the island. Although today, Monday, has been breezy with gusts into the low 50s, the sun has made an appearance. There were occasions when you could see the edge of the weather front. Consequently while we were enjoying blue skies, […]

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Atlantic Roar

With warm sunshine and almost no wind, we headed west to Balephuil. On the way we met a friend for whom Balephuil held a very special place in their heart. If I am not wrong it is one of our son’s favourite places on the island. Even on a calm day like today, the sound […]

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