Tiree Weather Watch

It still amazes us how conscious we are of the weather here on Tiree. But then so much of life on Tiree is weather dependant. This is especially so for our crofters and fishermen. Weather watching is not an obsession. At least we don’t think so. Honest! The weather has a major impact on travel […]

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Seasonal Sunset

A Stroll around Scarinish afforded a Seasonal Sunset. Sunset – as our stroll was in the late afternoon. Seasonal – as the Sunset reflected the weather. We have had sunshine and showers. Yes! And Stormy Skies! As the sun was setting we walked up Pier Road. Passed the Post Office and down to the Old […]

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Spindrift Special

There is something special about spindrift. Today we didn’t have to travel far to see it. It was right on our doorstep. We’ll not quite literally! Since the equinox the wind has been a feature of the weather. On several occasion the ferry has been on an alert. On Sunday the crossing had to be […]

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I Am Miscellany

I am Miscellany. I am a right mixed bag, I am an assortment of unrelated articles. My origin lies in the latin word miscere which means to mix. This past week the weather itself has been mixed. We have had sunshine, showers and heavy downpours. On Monday and Tuesday Tiree was officially the sunniest place in […]

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Tiree’s Strategic Position

“And now the weather report from Coastal Stations for 04:00 Tiree Automatic – SE 4, 15 miles, 1018 and falling slowly.” Thus began today’s report on Coastal Stations from the Shipping Forecast on BBC Radio4. Tiree is known by many for a whole variety of reasons. It is renown for its shell-sand beaches and clear […]

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Thankfully Spared

Well! Did it snow on Tiree? Unlike may parts of the country Tiree was not covered by a blanket of snow. We have had just a sprinkling of snow. We have had several intense hail laden squalls. They tried their hardest to impersonate snow but failed. Nevertheless, it was exciting to wake up to a […]

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The rainbow is an exciting meteorological phenomenon. It has been rightly said that it is ‘one of nature’s most splendid masterpieces’. While it is helpful to understand how it is formed, it is not essential to admire its beauty. The urgent cry went up from the business hub of our home – the kitchen. “Look out […]

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Inspiring Visitors

It had to happen. Even on Tiree it couldn’t go on forever. Four weeks of almost unbroken sunshine had to come to an end. Nevertheless there is a hardly a breeze and the sea is still flat and calm Temporarily the stunning sets are absent. There have been occasional breaks in the clouds. And the […]

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“Have you still got a roof?” Thankfully we have! And we are filled with gratitude for the concerned enquiry. (Mouse-over for titles – Double click for larger pictures) Gertrude is still making her presence felt. The titles are rattling and hail is battering the windows. Although the worst of the storm has passed the gusts are still […]

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Full of Promise . . .

This morning’ sunrise was full of promise!  But of what? Yesterday (Saturday) afternoon was warm and sunny. Reminder to self, ‘forecasts are only that – forecasts’. The weather was much better that anticipated. There was a sunset. But not of the same colourful calibre as the previous days. Today the sunrise was full of promise. […]

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