Dramatic Dennis

It’s Sunday and Dennis continues to menace the Isle of Tiree. While the wind gusted up to 71mph, thankfully the island has been spared the disastrous flooding which has destroyed the homes and businesses in many parts of the Mainland.  In England, Wales and Scotland many have been made homeless. Storm Dennis is the second […]

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Impressive Indeed! Once again the Mighty One Prevailed. The weather forecast for the week was for wind. First of all Saturday looked doubtful. Sunday’s does not look much better either. Monday’s forecast is for winds gusting to over 50mph. As expected Saturday’s sailing was placed on an alert. It was liable to disruption or cancellation […]

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Wild Weather Warning

On the Mainland the talk is of weather related travel disruption. For the past three weekends Tiree has experienced such disruption. On the first two Saturdays the ferry from Oban to Coll and Tiree was cancelled. This past Saturday the ferry made the crossing but Sunday’s sailing was cancelled. Sunday turned out to be a […]

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Storm Georgina

Once again Tiree has missed the worst of this winter’s storms. The latest named storm, ‘Georgina’, passed by Tiree with a glancing bow. The Met Office website is at present unable to display the windspeed record. Since 8:00 yesterday evening the wind speed data for the past 24hours is blank. WeatherPro by MeteoGroup is generally […]

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Wild Weekend

Already there is an AMBER Alert for Saturday’s crossing from Oban to Coll and Tiree.  CalMac advise that due to the adverse weather forecast the service between Oban – Coll/Tiree is liable to disruption. It is likely there will only be one stop at Coll. With the winds predicted to rise and be above 50mph […]

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Tha i fiadhaich!

Whether you are waiting in the Airport Lounge or Doctor’s Surgey, or going round the shop, one of the first things that people talk about is the weather. Presently the Gaelic phrase, “Tha i fiadhaich!” is most apt for it means “It is wild!” Today Tiree is being blasted by winds from the West-South-West, gusting […]

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I like to refer to this day of the week as ‘Sonday’, as it was on the first day of the week that Jesus came back to life, never, ever to die again. During the winter months here on Tiree, often on a Sonday we are fighting with the wind as we seek to make […]

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